Salisbury FC Players Return

On Saturday, players returned to the Ray Mac for the first time since the season was curtailed early due to Coronavirus. The stadium came to life again after being dormant for so long. Everyone had a smile on their face despite the torture they were enduring as they were put through their paces for the first time this season.

It was a lively session from the off. Like the first day back at school and all were excited to meet up and chat about football with an audience they knew would be interested. They certainly bonded quickly as a group and this showed as they trained. There was so much communication a passerby would have been forgiven for thinking there was a crowd of supporters in the ground. The noise level was brilliant and something I hope continues when we eventually get some competitive action.

Steve Claridge spoke after the session and he was understandably pleased with what he’d witnessed, summarising “I thought the last three sessions with the ball were fantastic. They’re more vocal and it feels like a really good group of lads. I’m looking forward to the next 3-4 weeks of training”.

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