Could you be a Magistrate?

If you have ever considered becoming a magistrate, there will soon be an opportunity to find out more.
In September the magistracy will run a recruitment campaign.
They say that they are: “keen to recruit the best in our communities to the bench.”
Applications will be encouraged from currently under-represented groups – such as members of Black and Minority Ethnic communities, those under the age of 50 and people with a disability who are able, with reasonable adjustments.
Because of COVID-19, they will not be holding open days.
There have also been important changes to the application process to counter the effects of the pandemic.
  • Candidates for the magistracy will be required to do one court observation (reduced from two) and will be directed towards online research.
  • Those who have concerns about attending court will have the option of doing the court observation remotely.
  • All interviews, for the time being, will be conducted remotely using Microsoft Teams. A candidate who cannot or does not want to be interviewed remotely can ask to be interviewed in person.
Anyone with questions can contact the magistracy directly at:
To find out more go to their website:

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