Harnham Estate Anger

I AM so angry I could scream.

It’s bad enough having the massive new Bovis Homes estate next to the cattle market foisted on those of us who live in Harnham, Netherhampton and Quidhampton, with the extra traffic congestion that will ensue from 640 homes (and don’t forget, there’ll be more to come on the other side of Netherhampton Road and at the old business park).

But do we really have to swallow the PR guff issued to the Salisbury Journal by the builder’s senior strategic development manager Robert Winstone as well?

Insult is piled on injury when Mr Winstone boasts that the development will “help improve the community” with “investment in schools, health, transport and the environment”.

Wow, it’ll include “open space and play areas” where once there was good-quality agricultural land and a green entrance to the city!

Artist Impression of how the new development might look (Source: Vistry Group)

It’ll provide a new primary school – on the wrong side of Harnham from where everyone agrees that one is actually needed.

I don’t believe for a minute that parents on their way to work from East Harnham, or indeed from elsewhere in the city, will walk or cycle with their children all that way to that school.

Of course not, they’ll drive, adding to the pollution and congestion that already blight Netherhampton Road every rush hour (Covid lockdown excepted, of course).

Bovis will invest £13million on, among other things, “local air quality projects”. It’ll darned well need to!

The only moderately good thing about this whole debacle will be that 40 per cent of the new housing will be “affordable”.

But what an environmental price we will all have to pay for that “affordability”.

However, let’s look on the bright side. The company’s new range of homes is named after trees. Not just any old trees, but good old British trees! That’ll make them feel all soft-focus nature-friendly, won’t it?

And the designs will “focus on bringing the outside in” – not including any fumes, I hope – maximising space and light with – ooh, wait for it – bifold doors. So that’s all right, then.

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