Property Emptied After Summer From Hell

Residents living in City streets near an Alabare homeless hostel have had the summer from hell.

Alleged drug dealing from a rented property in Barnard Street, combined with an apparent breakdown of control at the Alabare hostel in Barnard Street, has led to an intolerable level of anti-social behaviour.

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Complaints have come from a number of streets near to the hostel, including:

  • Barnard Street;
  • Brewery Lane;
  • Charter Court;
  • Culver Street;
  • Gigant Street;
  • Paynes Hill, and;
  • Trinity Street.


Residents living in the area have written to me to report regular fights, shouting late at night, criminal activities – including drug dealing – urination and defecation in the streets.

One complainant wrote to his three Conservative Councillors last year but said they had done nothing and the problem had just got worse.

Some older residents have told me that they want to move out – but feel trapped because of Covid-19 and the impact of persistent anti-social behaviour on the value of their homes.

Lack of CCTV at Barnard Street, lax security and the inability of the charity to evict repeat offenders because of a recent Government ban on evictions, has caused a perfect storm.

In addition visitors to people living at the hostel shout up to their friends at all times of the day and night rather than going into reception.

The moving of the reception from Dolphin Street gated entrance to Barnard Street – apparently to provide more parking space for staff in the (now-locked) driveway – has significantly increased public disorder in Barnard Street, say neighbours.

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Today, at last, a closure order has been granted by Salisbury Magistrates Court for 49 Barnard Street, which has been used for drug dealing – apparently against the wishes of the owner.

The closure order will remain in place for one month and will mean that nobody other than the landlord can enter the premises.

Anyone who breaches this will be committing an offence and may be arrested. A police spokesman said: “It is unacceptable that the behaviour of a small number of individuals should impact so negatively on others.”

“This closure order will further help reassure residents that we are committed to tackling crime and keeping people safe within our community.”

Anyone wishing to report concerns should call 101 or 999 if a crime is in progress.

I am helping to re-invigorate the Neighbourhood Watch in the area. If you live in any of the named streets and would like to help establish a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, please get in touch with me at

In addition we are calling on Alabare and Salisbury City Council to put more CCTV cameras in the area – to assist the police with identifying offenders.

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