Well Done to Traffic Scheme Rebels

I’M very glad to see that seven city councillors and the Chamber of Commerce president have called on Wiltshire to think again about its plans to pedestrianise parts of the city centre.

Well done for standing up to the unitary authority over the undemocratic way they’re imposing this trial scheme at short notice just because there’s government money available.

The misgivings of the Magnificent Seven (plus one – sorry, Andy Rhind-Tutt!) are exactly the same as those I’ve been raising on this blog over the past week.

Whatever fiddling around is done with traffic flows in the city centre won’t solve Salisbury’s problems and could make them a great deal worse by forcing even more traffic onto the ring road and generally making life more difficult for residents.

Sadly (because I’m not a great enthusiast for building roads through green fields) only a bypass, well away from existing development on the city boundaries, will achieve significant change.

Funny how the government can find money for projects like HS2, which will be an outdated white elephant before it’s even finished, yet they can blithely ignore the everyday traffic chaos blighting a safe Tory seat.

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