Secret Spitfire Memorial

Salisbury will have it’s very own full-size Spitfire memorial and it’s being delivered today (7th August 2020).

Over £75,000 has been raised to build the memorial which will eventually be displayed at Salisbury Rugby Club on Hudson’s Field, very close to one of the locations around the city that housed one of the factories that contributed to the building of the famous warplanes.

The Spitfire Memorial will be serving as a lasting tribute to the hundreds of women and men of Salisbury who contributed to an astonishing part of the city’s history by building over 2,000 Spitfires in total secrecy. Their story was brought to wide attention by the 2016 film The Secret Spitfires. The warm reception to the film led to the idea for a memorial and a charity has been established to manage it. The finished memorial will be located adjacent to a wartime Spitfire factory site at Salisbury Rugby Club, Castle Road and stand over 20ft tall.

The Spitfire is being delivered to its temporary home at Boscombe Down Aviation Collection at Old Sarum, where it will stay for the next year, before moving to its permanent home.

The support for the Secret Spitfire charity so far is enough to cover the building of the memorial, as well as the landscaping and fencing for the Castle Road site.

They’re now looking to raise another £25,000 to continue the project into the future.

That money will go towards a repair and maintenance programme for the memorial itself, as well as insurance for the site.

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