Mental Health Matters

As business owners, now more than ever is the time to step out from behind the laptop, forget about profits and performance for a minute or two and check in on your team from afar.

All too often, the hectic nature of the workplace often leads to even the smallest of gestures being overlooked. Perhaps like me, you’ve become quite the expert on face-timing and Zoom calling your team throughout the week. In our own right, we have probably all become more familiar with technology in a short space of time, and that’s great.

But I think it’s essential that during this period where many of us have more time to think, create new business plans, adapt working methods, read lots, becoming experts in horticulture or even fitness fanatics; that we ensure we take the time to make contact with our staff and simply ensure they are ok.

However long this period of isolation lasts, we all want to create successes in our areas of expertise and the most important people that can make that happen are our employees.

Make sure your staff (even furloughed workers) know you are thinking of them and that they come before profit. Everyone is going to feel the strain of this at some point!

If anyone is finding it difficult to lead from the front whilst working remotely or having difficulty communicating with members of their team, feel free to pick up the phone. Bouncing ideas often lead to the right answers. 07969912761

Thanks for reading, I’m off to mow the lawn!

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