Civic Society Support Traffic Scheme

The Salisbury Civic Society are actively supporting the Salisbury Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) stressing that the proposal is NOT pedestrianisation of the city centre.   The Society has always sought to encourage the Highways Authorities at Wiltshire Council to adopt policies to reduce the very high traffic levels in the core central area, of which through traffic is a very large component.

Peter Dunbar, Chair of the Society, commented  “The vehicle congestion and air quality damage add to the obstructive and dominating impact of traffic which detracts from a people-friendly environment in which visitors, residents and proprietors of street frontage businesses would enjoy and prosper to a much greater extent. The control and reduction of traffic levels will create an attractive and healthy central core environment”.

The Salisbury City Council Neighbourhood Steering Group conducted a recent Community Survey online, from which it received over a thousand responses, which produced the following evidence:

43% of respondents, who live and work within 4 miles, walk to work.

87% of respondents come to the city centre for shopping.

67% of respondents said there should be some pedestrian-only areas in the city centre. 47% of respondents said they walk to the city centre.

61% of respondents said that they would walk and cycle more frequently to the city centre if there were safer cycle and pedestrian routes.

The ETRO itself is an experiment which will be closely monitored and will NOT lead to wholesale pedestrianisation. It is all about reduction of ‘through traffic’ into the historic central area of Salisbury. Bus routes, taxis, Blue Badge holders, Residents and Businesses with premises within the controlled zone will still be permitted.

Peter Dunbar said, “I urge the people of Salisbury and elected members of the Council to support this unique opportunity to try and improve and regenerate the splendid City of Salisbury”.

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