Salisbury Get’s Thumbs Up


Salisbury has received a very positive write-up by Karen Warren in the international travel blog Travel Awaits.

The blog, which claims to be “by the 50+ traveller, for the 50+ traveller,” answers the query “How to spend an amazing day in Salisbury, England.”

You could spend several hours just exploring the cathedral, its close, and the old streets of the town center. However, there are also parks and riverside walks. Then there are the pubs and the restaurants, plus lots of independent shops.

The center of Salisbury is compact, walkable, and mostly flat. Going round the whole of the Cathedral Close will add about a mile and a half to your walk.

Making your trip an overnight stay will give you more of an opportunity to explore everything that Salisbury has to offer. It will also allow you to visit nearby historic sites such as Stonehenge or Old Sarum.

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