Unlock the Alley


Thirty local residents turned up in the pouring rain this morning to tell McCarthy to re-open the pathway from Endless Street to Castle Street.

Protesters included former Salisbury Mayor Ken Edwards, who negotiated the retention of the pathway with the original site developers – Friends Provident – back in the 1970s.

Former Labour Group Leader, Steve Fear, also turned up – proving there was all-party support for retaining the pathway. Mr Fear has been Mayor during the Millennium celebrations in Salisbury.

Several residents spoke of their frustration with McCarthy & Stone for going back on repeated promises to keep the path open.

An action group is now being put together. More demonstrations are promised during the coming weeks. Pro bono legal advice is being sought and pledges of funding have been made.

Paul Sample said: “As neighbours, we are now in dispute over this pathway issue with McCarthy & Stone. They are compelled to declare that to potential any buyers – and their solicitors.

“Unless they come forward with a written agreement to re-open the pathway, the dispute and demonstrations will continue. Local people feel they have been lied to by McCarthy & Stone. They are ready to take this all the way.”

Paul Sample can be contacted about this at Paulsample61@gmail.com or text him on 07718185039.

Help the local residents by showing your solidarity with us. You can sign the petition at https://signme.org.uk/1692