‘Litterbug’ Signs to be Installed

A new ‘litterbug’ sign is to be installed at litter hotspots in the city following a delightful letter to the Mayor of Salisbury, Cllr John Walsh from a 10 year old named Grace.

In her letter, Grace reported on the increase of litter in the city’s rivers, bushes and paths and designed a fantastic ‘litterbug’ sign which she asked Salisbury City Council to put up to encourage people not to litter.

The Mayor reached out to Salisbury City Council’s Environmental Services Team who agreed that it was a fantastic idea.

On Tuesday 18 August 2020, the Mayor of Salisbury met with Grace to thank her for her delightful letter and to show her a temporary version of her sign.

The Mayor of Salisbury, Cllr John Walsh, said, “Full marks to Grace for drawing attention to the litter in our city. While most of our citizens wouldn’t dream of dropping litter, some still haven’t got the message. Keep It! Bin It!’’

The Leader of the City Council, Cllr Jeremy Nettle said, “Thank you so much Grace for sending us a fantastic letter on the growing litter problem in our city. It is very important to encourage people of all ages to stop littering and protect the environment and I look forward to seeing the colourful signs installed soon”.

Grace is a great example of a young person who wanted to do something in her local environment of Salisbury. Together we can make a difference #dontdropitbinit and by doing so we protect our wildlife and our pets.

Unfortunately, we have noticed an influx of litter in our parks and open spaces and we encourage residents and visitors of Salisbury to take their litter home or put it in a bin. By working together, you can help us make sure that our parks and rivers are a clean and enjoyable space to visit.

Article & Photos from Salisbury City Council Website – https://salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk/

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