Spire FM Becomes Greatest Hits Radio

From Tuesday 1st of September, the radio landscape in Salisbury is changing. Gone is the name Spire FM and it’s hello to Greatest Hits Radio.

Spire FM will become part of what new owners Bauer Media are calling ‘Super Stations’, one of nine replacing many local radio stations across the UK.

The new format will see the best of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music being played out, replacing the music mix which covered right up to the latest music. Gone too is a full day time schedule of local shows, all but the evening drivetime show will be replaced with national content. 20 hours of the day will be from the national network with the 4 hour drive time show being regional. Stations will continue to broadcast local news and information, including traffic and travel. In Salisbury, the entire news team including Faye Tryhorn and Henrietta Creasey will remain.

A familiar voice will welcome Salisbury listeners on the 102 FM frequency during drive time – Martin Starke will be presenting the GHR South drive time show from Southampton and will be heard across the South Region including areas of Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

Graham Bryce, Group Managing Director – Hits Radio Brand Network, said, “We are thrilled about the line-up of talent hosting regional drivetime shows across Greatest Hits Radio. This is a very important part of the radio experience we are offering, alongside the local news and content we know listeners value, and shows from some of the best-loved broadcasters in the UK.”

The rest of the content will bring familiar radio voices with names like Mark Goodier, Andy Crane and Simon Mayo on the national content of the station.

Many Salisbury residents are upset or disappointed by the move.

This is such a shame loved listening to this whilst driving into work getting the low down on the traffic jams

Same songs at the same time every day. Boring. Will miss Spire FM and the local chat.

Spire FM first began broadcasting in Salisbury in 1992 and has been an ever-present on the 102FM frequency ever since.

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