Salisbury 6th Form College Welcome Back Students

On Thursday 3rd September, Salisbury 6th Form College (S6C), welcomed a new cohort of Year 12 students to the College and had a full year group of students in the College building for the first time since March due to the pandemic.

Students were welcomed to the College and introduced to their tutors who are the students first point of contact throughout their time at College to support their learning and development outside of their courses. Tutors then explained the College programme to students as well as going through important COVID-19 safety information such as the College’s one-way system for movement around the building, separate social areas in the College for Year 12s and 13s to avoid contact between bubbles, they explained when wearing a mask would be needed and reminded students about good hand hygiene. Students also received their timetables ready for their first lessons which took place on Friday 4th September with their teachers in classrooms – the first lessons to take place in the College in nearly 6 months!

Principal, Simon Firth, expressed his thanks to the local secondary schools that the majority of the new students have joined S6C from. “These are extraordinary times and students were clearly excited and ready to be back in a learning environment. I’d like to pass on the gratitude and thanks from all the staff here at S6C to our feeder schools from MLP and other local secondary schools for preparing the students so well for College.” Principal Simon Firth went on to say, “Many of the students we spoke to on their first day felt they had been well cared for and supported during the lockdown. Keeping the dialogue going and still feeling connected really mattered to all of the students.”

Students were also inducted into their IT accounts and the online systems the College uses for resources and assignments. These online systems for communication and learning were used along with Google Meet for teachers to continue teaching throughout the lockdown and closure of the College – this means that if the College had to move to online learning again then it could be done immediately and students would still feel connected and integrated into the College.

Student President, Jordan Markham, commented on learning during lockdown saying “At S6C we have constant support from teachers should we ever need it. S6C continued online through online classes and in my case animating a piece for digital media instead of filming it, lockdown brought out the most creative side in all of us. Most importantly during lockdown, we were able to stay in contact with all of the teachers.”

Past students, brother and sister Alex and Imogen Knight, said they found their lessons enjoyable and engaging and they had a message for new students which was shared at the Freshers Day back in July: “S6C is full of really supportive teachers. We think you’re going to have a good time there. You’ll love it!”

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