New Science Learning Facility Thanks to Rotary Club

Woodland Primary School, Salisbury has a new outdoor science learning facility thanks to Sarum Rotary Club and the Rotary clubs of Salisbury and Wilton.

This project has involved the construction of a gazebo and a wildlife garden for use by the West Salisbury Science Cluster.

The resource will allow the cluster schools to include Forest Studies in their curriculum. This is a long-term approach to education, for children, that maximizes the benefits of learning in the outdoors. It involves a holistic understanding of how children learn and support them to build confidence, resilience, independence and creativity.

The school now boasts a wildflower area, butterfly feeders, a mini beast hotel, raised beds for growing fruit and vegetables (with a solar-powered water irrigation system using collected rainwater), bird boxes and feeders, hedgehog boxes, live webcams and trap camera for monitoring wildlife and a wooden gazebo with seating for use as a study base.

The project was funded by the Rotary Clubs, Rotary Foundation and a Rotary District donation, enabling work to commence in October 2019. The gazebo element was due to be installed over Easter 2020 but was delayed until July due to the COVID-19 situation.

With the return to school this month, this will not only provide the school with a new facility, but also a much needed additional classroom to ease the pressure on existing indoor classrooms in the current situation.

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