Wiltshire Police Crime Commissioner Welcomes Sentencing Overhaul

Following the announcement today from Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland QC on the changes aimed at changes to sentencing in an effort to cut crime, Wiltshire PCC Angus Macpherson made the following statement.

“I welcome the overhaul of sentencing being proposed by the Lord Chancellor today.

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Robert Buckland QC

“The changes recognise the vulnerability that leads many into the Criminal Justice system, and that treatment rather than punishment is a better way of addressing these people’s offending.

“We should always have the aim of rehabilitation, and that is why Police and Crime Commissioners in the South West are working together, through the South West Reducing Re-offending Board, to ensure that the best support and supervision is in place for offenders.

“The use of technology and GPS electronic location monitoring devices for certain offenders as they leave prison is to be welcomed. I hope that sufficient funding will be made available to robustly apply and maintain these measures.

“ In many areas the proposed changes are heavier, particularly for young people in relation to murder, and to re-offending burglars and knife crime perpetrators. I also welcome the Problem Solving Courts to address repeat offending,  and the changes in the regulation of disclosure of convictions.

“But punishment and rehabilitation is not a one fits all solution. These proposed changes are about making investments to give offenders a better chance of rehabilitating so they can rebuild their lives and integrating back into society.”

You can read the statement from Lord chancellor Robert Buckland QC in full here – https://www.gov.uk/government/news/radical-sentencing-overhaul-to-cut-crime

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