Flooding on Salisbury Roads

Heavy Rain and a burst drain are causing traffic problems on Castle Road in Salisbury this afternoon.

Following a period of heavy rain, a drain has lifted its cover in the middle of Castle Road this afternoon. There is a large amount of water in the road with vehicles having to take avoiding action to avoid both the water and the drain cover.

The worst affected area is at the junction with Queensbury Avenue.

The knock-on effect of this is traffic is building in both directions and the pavement on both sides are both covered in water.

We are also receiving reports that there is water on the roads in Harnham with the traffic lights next to the cricket pitches and the junction with Saxon Road. In addition to this, there also traffic problems on Wilton Road, out past the cricket ground due to flooding.

These issues have now largely gone with the heavy rain and the roads have returned to normal.

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