Handbag and Purse snatched in Salisbury

Wiltshire Police are urging shoppers to be vigilant whilst out and about shopping in Salisbury.

They are also appealing for information following two incidents of purses and handbags being stolen in Salisbury.

In one incident which occurred at midday on September 26, a handbag was stolen from the back of a woman’s wheelchair while she was shopping in Catherine Street.

The bag contained a red purse with cash, bank cards, passport and mobile phone inside.  The bag was later handed in at a shop in New Canal, but the money and cards were missing.

In another incident on the same day, a woman in her 70s was shopping in Marks and Spencer when her purse containing cash, driving licence and photos was stolen from her shopping basket.

Several attempts were then made to withdraw money from the victim’s bank account via an ATM in the High Street but these were unsuccessful.

Please be vigilant when out and about shopping and consider following these precautions to reduce the risk of falling victim to this type of crime:

  • Never let your handbag out of your sight
  • On public transport, keep hold of it, with the clasp or zip shut so a thief cannot steal your purse
  • Always carry your purse or handbag close to your body
  • Do not carry your handbag by the handle or place your arm through the strap and let it hang. Place one end of the handbag in the palm of – your hand, the other in the bend of your elbow. Draw it close to your body. Hang on to it firmly especially when walking close to other people
  • When using a cash machine, be aware of who is around you, stand close to the machine and always shield your PIN.  Once you’ve completed your transaction put your card and money straight into your purse before moving away from the machine and ensure your purse is at the bottom of your bag, with the bag clasp faxing inwards.

Anyone with information should call 101 and quote crime reference numbers 54200097017 or 54200097058.

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