Give Your Views on Traffic Regulation Orders

Wiltshire Council is actively seeking the views of its residents in the decision making process for Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) within the county.

Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders proposed for Central Salisbury (People-Friendly Streets) include introducing bus gates, the prohibition of a left turn, a weight limit and changes to parking and waiting.

As part of this process, Wiltshire Council is undertaking a consultation on its proposals for Traffic Regulation Orders in the county with the publication of the proposals for a response.

The proposals are advertised in the local press and copies of them are made available at designated locations in the affected area. Copies of relevant documents are also sent to interested parties, including elected members, town/parish councils, emergency services, public service bodies and motoring organisations. Written comments on proposals are invited from those wishing to express their views.

The council can only consider views which are presented directly to them.

If you want your view to be considered:

  • Respond by letter or email.
  • Quote the reference number given in the notice/documentation that you saw.
  • You must give your name and address.
  • Ensure that you reply before the end of the consultation period (21st April 2021).

The Council will then send you an acknowledgement and outline the next stage of the consultation process.

Please note that this consultation process applies only to proposals for permanent Traffic Regulation Orders – there is no statutory consultation process for temporary road closures and diversions.

More information on temporary road closures and diversion can be found on Roadworks and related information.

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