Salisbury FC 2 – Poole Town 2

Today the Ray Mac played host to a massive top of the table clash between Salisbury and Poole town which for the first time this season has seen the Ray Mac sold out with the capacity of 600 spectators. The sun is shining, clouds are dispersing, all eyes on this extremely important football match for both teams.

Playing in an unusual orange and red kit, Poole Town has the first opportunity of the match. Tony Lee has a ball played through, but a last-ditch challenge sees the ball go out for a goal kick. Penalty claim declined.

Goal! 6th minute! Dangerous free-kick for Poole Town on the edge of the box. The shot deflected off the wall and falls to Poole’s captain Jamie Whisken who tucks it home over the keeper.

Poole Town looking most dangerous down the right, Jack Ball having a hard time right now stopping them crosses coming in. Couple of half chances for Salisbury. Diaz outside of the box shot drifts wide. Marvin Brooks has also been slid through on goal but a heavy touch sees the ball get away from him.

Goal. 32nd! Tony Lee for Poole gets put through 1-1 with the Salisbury keeper. Dribbles past him and goes down. Looks to be a blatant dive but the referee gives it. Tony Lee smashes the penalty home, his 4th in 4 league games. Salisbury 0 Poole Town 2.

HALF TIME: Salisbury 0 v 2 Poole Town
An action pack first half has come to an end at the Ray Mac stadium. A tale of penalties has been the story so far. One colossal penalty claim from Salisbury turned down. Meanwhile, In the opposite penalty box, Poole were awarded a suspicious penalty just for them to blast it home for a 2 goal advantage. It’s had yellow cards, goals, debatable decisions and a tonne of chances. All to play for in the second half.

Salisbury substitution! 15( Vaughan Covil) coming on for 4( Oliver Knowles)
The second half has been pretty dismal, few reckless challenges causing the game to lose the flow that it once had in the first half.

Salisbury substitution! 14( Harry Baker) coming on for 2( Dominic Jefferies)

GOAL! 67th! Salisbury, Finally some life in this second half! Diaz produces a Great run down the line,  dribbles pass one and lofts a cross to the back post. Marvin Brooks nods it back into the middle for Harry Baker to hit it home!

Poole substitution! 17 (David Jerrard) coming on for 11( Benjamin Greenwood)

Salisbury substitution! 12 (Warren Bentley) coming on for 9 (Dan Fitchett)

Salisbury all over Poole now. Pushing for this second goal to tie the game up! Salisbury looking to play down the wings but not getting much luck so far. Both Salisbury substitutes looking lively since coming on and definitely contributed to the shift in this game.

Poole substitution! 15 ( Sean Wright) coming on for 10 ( Luke Burbidge)

GOAL! 89th! Salisbury! A huge goal for Salisbury, an even bigger goal for Marvin Brooks against his previous team! A corner from the right, Diaz swings it in and Marvin bullet header flies past the Poole town keeper!

FULL TIME. Salisbury 2 v 2 Poole town!
A game of two halves at the ray Mac stadium this afternoon. With Poole going into half time with a 2 goal advantage, it was looking bleak for Salisbury. Completely different performance and mentality for Salisbury in the second half saw them come from behind to grab a point! With a huge change for the young promising Vaughan Covil just bending a left-footed shot past the post. It was a well-deserved point for Salisbury and something to build on going into there next match.

Salisbury Team:
1-Liam Armstrong
2-Dominic Jefferies📒
3- Jack Ball
4- Oliver Knowles
5-Samuel Roberts
6-Charlie Kennedy
7- Lewis Benson
8-Darren Mullings
9-Daniel Fitchett📒
19-Marvin Brooks⚽️
11-Antonio Diaz
12-Warren Bentley
14-Harry Baker⚽️
15- Vaughan Covil
16- Charlie Davis
17- Kaid Mohamed
Manager: Steve Claridge

Poole town Team:
1-Mark Childs
2- Declan Rose
18-Christian Saydee📒
4-Will Spetch📒
5-Jamie Whisken⚽️
6-Thiago Silva
7-Josh Carmichael
8-Corby Moore
9-Tony-James Lee⚽️
10- Luke Burbidge
11-Benjamin Greenwood📒
13-Bailey Rowe
3-Jake Smeeton
14-Adam Grange
15-Sean Wright
17-David Jerrard
Manager:Tom Killick

Referee: Shane Mansfield

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