Salisbury Monopoly Released

Salisbury’s own version of Monopoly is released today.

The game is priced £29.99 at all the shops which have it stocked in Salisbury.

You can buy the board game from 10 am in the city at shops including Casa Fina, where £5 of the purchase price will be donated to Salisbury Hospice Charity.

They advise that you pre-order your copy via their social media channels on Facebook or Instagram as demand is expected to be high.

Susi at Casa Fina hands over the first copy sold to a customer at 10 am this morning

First to purchase a copy at WH Smiths in Salisbury were Mike and Pattie Hill who have bought two copies, one to send to their son in New Zealand and one for their daughter who lives in Bristol, but both grew up in Salisbury. They said: ‘It’s terrific that Salisbury has it’s own version and hope that the board reminds our children of their home.’

The game features many local landmarks and it comes as no surprise to find out that Salisbury Cathedral replaces Mayfair as the most expensive property on the board.

There is a nice sense of Salisbury’s history with Old Sarum taking the place of Old Kent road, the first space on the board as you leave Go.

Parks have replaced the train stations with Victoria Park, Churchill Gardens, The Greencroft and Lizzie Gardens taking a square each on each side of the board.

Local charities have replaced community chest with Salisbury Hospice Charity, Alabare and Stars Appeal taking those squares.

Other familiar landmarks and businesses include; Salisbury District Hospital, The Guildhall, Reeve the Baker, Fish Row, and the High Street.

It’s not only the squares that are Salisbury themed, you can be sent to jail for damaging the Magna Carta, but also escape because of a card where you impress your cellmates with tails of old.

You can also order a copy on Amazon – Amazon Website

Here is a full list of the squares on the board:

  • Old Sarum
  • Stonehenge
  • Churchill Gardens
  • The Salisbury Museum
  • ‘Chance’ Muddy Stilettos’
  • Mompesson House
  • Arundells
  • Charter Market
  • Berry Telecom
  • Salisbury Playhouse
  • Salisbury District Hosptial
  • Victoria Park
  • Poultry Cross
  • ‘Community Chest’ Salisbury Hospice Charity
  • High Street Gate
  • Fish Row
  • Reeve the Baker
  • ‘Chance’ South Wiltshire Living
  • Salisbury Journal
  • Pritchetts Butchers
  • The Greencroft
  • Hall of John Halle
  • The Guildhall
  • Wilton House
  • Salisbury Library
  • Salisbury Cathedral School
  • ‘Community Chest’ Stars Appeal
  • Leehurst Swan School
  • Queen Elizabeth Gardens
  • Chance ‘Spire FM’
  • St Thomas Church
  • Salisbury Cathedral