Civic Society to Host Annual Open Meeting

Salisbury Civic Society is hosting an online Annual Open Meeting, on Wednesday 21st October, in conjunction with Wiltshire Creative and the Salisbury Neighbourhood Plan team that is inspired by the Salisbury 2020 Big Weekend ‘What Next for the City’ conversations held earlier in the year.

A team of panellists will examine some of the Covid accelerated trends such as online shopping, working from home, the importance of staying local and connecting with nature, which, as well as the pandemic, are now impacting on the way we use our city centres and high streets. We want to explore new ways of thinking and opportunities for doing things differently when planning for the future development of Salisbury.

To help us do that we have the following panellists:

  • Andrea Pellegram – describing what a neighbourhood plan is, who is involved, what stage the Salisbury neighbourhood plan is at, and the likely programme going forward
  • Friedrich Ludewig, ACME Architects – picking up on problems in the high street and the retail crisis which had already started before the pandemic
  • David Dolman, Hacer Developments – providing the context and drivers for the Biophilic Living Project, a mixed-use redevelopment project at Picton Yard, Swansea and bringing nature into the heart of the city to help support health and wellbeing
  • Andrew Nixon, Powell Dobson Architects – looking at how the Biophilic Project is taking the opportunity to widen the parameters of building design & forge innovative partnerships. The Welsh Government is seeing this as a pilot project and a valuable model for future urban regeneration.

Presentations will be followed by a conversation with our panellists who will be joined by Councillor Jeremy Nettle, leader of Salisbury City Council and with the audience who will be able to submit their questions live during the event.

To book your free ticket which must be booked in advance please go to Wiltshire Creative online

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