DS Nick Bailey Calls it a Day on Police Career

Detective Sergent Nick Bailey has announced via his Twitter account that he is leaving the police force after serving with Wiltshire Police for 18 years.

He was one of the first officers in Mr Skirpal’s house following the Novichok attack that rocked Salisbury in 2018.

He leaves the force feeling unable to do the job that he loves so much. He explains his decision in a thread of tweets.

Having returned to duty last year, he admits that the aftermath has just been too much and has had to admit defeat.

Det Sgt Bailey along with two colleagues was sent to Mr Skirpals home in march 2018 after the former Russian intelligence agent and his daughter, Julia, were found ill on a bench in the Maltings.

During the visit to the home, he came into contact with Novichok and a short time after required hospital treatment because of the nerve agent.

In his final few tweets, Nick Bailey paid tribute to his ‘policing family’ and urged them to continue ‘fighting the good fight’.

Wiltshire’s Chief Constable Kier Pritchard said:

“I have known and respected Nick for many years as a dedicated colleague and detective.

“Understandably, Nick and his family’s lives was turned upside down following the events in Salisbury back in March 2018.

“He represents the dedication and determination that all of us want to see in police officers across the country. Day in and day out, officers put themselves directly into harm’s way in order to help and protect others.

“Nick should be incredibly proud of all that he has achieved and will always be considered to be part of the Wiltshire Police family.

“He has been an outstanding officer and I wish him and his family the greatest success for their future.”



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