People Friendly Streets Starts Today

The changes to Salisbury City centre are due to come into effect this Wednesday (21st Oct) – here is a guide to what the changes are and how you may be affected.

The main change is that pedestrians and cyclists will be given priority across several streets in the city centre, traffic will be restricted in these areas.

The traffic systems are subject to an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order or ETRO for short. Just what is an ETRO? An ETRO is a legal document that establishes traffic and parking restrictions, similar to a standard Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). The difference with an ETRO, and what makes it ‘experimental’, is that it can be made after a short notice period with no statutory consultation ahead of its implementation and amended during its duration. These have a maximum period of 18 months. During this time statutory consultation responses are collected. You can have your say during the scheme here –

These ETRO’s will create a Low Traffic Zone (LTZ). Vehicles will need permits to enter this zone. Taxi’s, Buses and pedal bicycles are exempt from this, but all other vehicles including motorbikes will require a permit. The permits are free, but you need to apply for them in advance through MiPermit. You can do this via the internet. This includes deliveries and pickups from businesses inside the LTZ. To apply for a free permit visit – Want to park Wiltshire

If you are a resident who lives inside the LTZ you will also need a permit to park at your property. Again these are free. You will need to apply before Wednesday 21st October before the Low Traffic Zone comes in to force.

Blue Badge holders will be able to access the LTZ and will be able to use the existing Blue Badge parking spaces in the city. However, if you have a Blue Badge you will need to apply for a free permit to access the LTZ. To apply for a free access permit for the Low Traffic Zone, please go to Want to park Wiltshire 

If the Blue Badge holder does not have access to the internet, they can call the Wiltshire Council parking team on 01249 706131, or call MiPermit on 0345 520 7007 and they will set up the account and help them manage it.

Bus stops will still be in the same locations, so you will still be able to access buses in the city centre. There is a possibility some of these might change at a later stage.

There may be changes as the scheme progresses and is reviewed. These include:

  • Minor updates to bus/coach routing with agreement from operators.
  • Review of the location of taxi ranks.
  • Review of the location of loading bays and further time restrictions on loading activities in the city centre.
  • Review of the location of disabled bays, and capacity to ensure appropriate access.
  • Review of public off-street parking provision.
  • Opportunities to re-allocate road space in the vehicle restricted area of the city centre for other uses, such as wider footways, cycle parking, planters, pocket parks/seating, and events spaces.

There will be bus gates on Fisherton Street as it changes to Bridge Street. On Castle Street just before the junction with Chipper Lane, you will still be able to turn right out of Chipper Lane into Castle Street. There will also be one at the entrance to Cathrine Street as you cross the junction with New Street. These will be monitored by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. If your vehicle is not exempt or have a valid permit you will be liable for a penalty charge notice. The council have promised a certain amount of flexibility on this at the start of the scheme with the use of a ‘warning’ letter. Repeat offenders will receive a penalty charge and as the scheme settles in, the warning will be phased out.

Below is the map and further explanation of the scheme. Click the map to be taken to a full-size version. 

The scheme is being monitored using advanced camera systems operated by a company called Vivacity Labs. These cameras are connected with analytical technology. This data will be anonymised but will include:

  • Pedestrian, cycling and traffic movements at key locations in the city e.g. Blue Boar row
  • Traffic counts along the A36
  • The volume of through traffic in Salisbury
  • Effectiveness of social distancing

For further information please visit –

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