Chalke Valley Game Company Shortlisted for International Award

A local word game called Sproutword has been shortlisted at the Imagination Gaming Awards 2020. Images and details of all this year’s entrants and winners can be found at

The Awards are in their 8th year and seek out new games from around the world that engage children and families alike whilst helping to promote basic social and curriculum-based life skills. The games considered at the Awards, whilst primarily engaging and fun, are not necessarily designed for education, but always require participants to demonstrate a range of fundamental skills and understanding.

Sproutword was invented by a Chalke Valley resident, Dan Richter. He wondered if there could be a twist on popular word games like Scrabble, to give them a more strategic edge and less predictability when playing with players of different abilities. After sitting on his idea for 10 years, he discussed with a work colleague and after many prototypes on coloured paper, they launched the idea in 2019 and established themselves as a company, which is headquartered in Broad Chalke.

Sproutword was shortlisted in the “Best Literacy Game” section of the Awards. The winner of the Literacy Gold Award was Alice in Wordland (Drawlab), whilst the following games were shortlisted:

  • Sproutword (Sprout & Gherkin Ltd)
  • Bananagrams Duel (Asmodee),
  • Dice Academy (Blue Orange),
  • Dixit (Asmodee),
  • Letter Jam (Czech Games Ltd),

Dan says: “We are so pleased to have been shortlisted for this award. Sproutword is not only a compelling word game, but it also has a role in promoting literacy, for example, prefixes and suffixes can be used to good effect. We also know from social media that some families have used our game in creative ways which we never anticipated”.

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