Graffiti Artists Target Salisbury Trains

A number of the trains that operate out of Salisbury train station have been adorned with some new artwork.

The 158 and 159 units that run from the Salisbury depot are kept in various locations on the railway network overnight and it appears that graffiti artists have found a way to access them during the quiet hours at the station.

The Gallagher Brothers feature in the latest train graffiti

The spray paint additions range from some basic tags to some impressive additions.

Trains are a popular target at various locations around the country and trains on the West of England line, on which Salisbury sits, included. Cartoon characters and alike have been seen over the last few years, a large incredible hulk once covered the side and windows of one train.

One of the latest additions is the title of a popular Oasis track, ‘Champagne Supernova’, with both Noel and Liam Gallagher at either end of the title.

People should be reminded that accessing railway land is trespassing and carries a hefty fine. Network rail says:

“Trespassing on the railway is illegal and dangerous. You could be taken to court and face a £1000 fine.

Certain parts of the railway, including stations, underpasses and level crossings, are open to the public. But when people go onto the tracks, embankments or other areas, they are trespassing.

When people trespass on the railway and vandalise our property, we need to repair any damage and make sure the railway is safe before allowing trains to run again. Vandalism includes graffitilitterfly-tipping and damage to fences, signs and tracks.”

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