Two Covid Fines and 46 Warnings Issued Over the Past Week

Wiltshire Police has issued two fixed penalty notices and 46 warnings over the past week as a small minority continue to flout the lockdown restrictions.

The Police are seeing a rise in the number of reports from members of the public who are concerned about people not adhering to the Government’s Covid rules.

Between 02/11 and 08/11 they:

• Recorded 124 Covid-related logs, which relates to telephone calls or online reports from members of the public. This is a significant increase on the 34 recorded the previous week.
• Recorded five Covid-related crimes and 11 Covid-related incidents.
• Recorded 62 interactions, where police officers or police community support officers engaged with members of the public to advise them on failing to comply with the regulations
• Issued 46 warnings – an increase on the 34 warnings the previous week.
• Issued two fixed penalty notices following a house party in Swindon over the weekend. This means that since the start of the pandemic we have issued a total of 234 FPNs.

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Mills said it was clear that enforcing the new lockdown restrictions was putting an increased demand on policing. He said:

“As expected, the implementation of the nationwide lockdown last Thursday, has meant we have seen an increase in the number of calls and online reports we are receiving about potential breaches of the restrictions.

“We have been clear in our proactive approach, with dedicated patrols out and about specifically responding to the concerns of the public.

“The fixed penalty notices issued in the early hours of Saturday morning are disappointing, but I hope they send a clear message to others who might be considering flouting the law in this way.

“I am grateful to the vast majority of our communities, who are playing their part in helping to keep us all safe. For those who flout the law, we have dedicated patrols within our community teams and we will look to take enforcement action where necessary.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson added: “There is no excuse. The rules are clear and simple – you should be staying at home unless you have a specific reason for leaving ie to buy food, to go to work or a place of education, or to seek medical help.

“Holding parties or attending gatherings in people’s homes are not only dangerous to public health, but they are illegal, and I have been reassured that Wiltshire Police will use the powers granted to them by the Government to take action against those who seem to think the rules don’t apply to them.”

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