Anti People Friendly Salisbury Noise is Growing

A number of groups and petitions are starting to create noise in their objection to the People Friendly Salisbury scheme.

A Facebook group named SOS – Save Our Salisbury has grown quickly to have over 1200 members and a petition organised by Charles McGrath has now received over 2100 signatures.

People Friendly Salisbury is designed to give priority to pedestrians in Salisbury City centre with a Low Traffic Zone (LTZ) covering the most central streets including Blue Boar Row, Catherine Street and New Canal. There has also been the addition of cycle lanes along Brown Street and Exeter Street.

Complaints include the Cycle Lane bollards, the amount of traffic still in the LTZ and claims that it will kill the town centre.

On a post on the SOS – Save our Salisbury Facebook group, one of the organisers Yan Webber says they want to create “a powerful, unified lobby group; a group which cannot be ignored.” They call for the removal of the cycle lanes and the LTZ.

The group also want other changes for the city that will drive it to become rejuvenated and become an attractive place to visit.

There are groups and members of the Salisbury Community though in support of the scheme.

Salisbury Cogs are very vocal of their support of the scheme and others who advocate giving it more a chance.

It seems the timing of the scheme may be bad too, starting just before the second lockdown was announced. With pressure already on high street retailers in Salisbury from both the Covid restrictions and recovering from the impact of the Novichok attack in 2018.

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