Luna Has Been Found

You may recall on the 2nd of November we informed you of a missing dog called Luna.

She had gone missing in the area of Green Lane and The Portway up near Old Sarum Airfield.

She had been spooked by fireworks and run away from her owner.

After 10 days on the run, having covered a huge area in short amounts of time, she has been found!

On Tuesday she was first spotted in Alderbury and was then again posted later in Sherfield English.

She was again seen in the Carter’s Clay road area at around 4 pm and then again nearby at 7:30 pm.

In an effort coordinated by the volunteers at Solstice Missing Dogs, the team asked the sighter to put out food, which was gone by 9 pm.

More food was left and cameras put in place and she was still in the area at first light.

The sighter, who is a dog owner then took his own dogs to the area and insight of Luna and fed them treats. Luna was tempted over and was lured via the back garden and then into the kitchen. An unenviable task that took huge amounts of nerve and dog knowledge.

Luna was back with her owner Karen by 10 am after a short snooze.

Karen said on her Facebook page:

A million thanks to you all for your support and help in finding my baby girl! It’s finally sinking in that she is back where she belongs: comfortable, safe and loved.
It was thanks to the team work of you all spreading the word and giving us sightings, combined with the skills and dedication of Solstice Missing Dogs that she is home.
This experience has been overwhelming to witness the pure kindness and generosity of strangers, and has quite honestly been life-changing for Luna and me in terms of our faith in humanity. You are all amazing people and should feel proud to be part of Team Bring-Home-Luna.

Karen, the team at Soltice Missing Dogs would like to thank everyone who messaged, called and have given access to private property in the marathon hunt for Luna, a story that ends happily.

If you’d like to support the team at Solstice Missing dogs, visit their Facebook page and you can make a donation:

You their support our work by donating to “Solstice Missing Dogs” A/c no. 42014168 Sort code 30-65-21

Since being found, Luna has been looked after in the best possible way. This includes a free pamper session that was given to her by The Grooming Shed in Firsdown. Owner Karen said:

Because of Luna’s ordeal, Sam at The Grooming Shed in Firsdown kindly offered to give Luna a free pamper including a shampoo, blowdry, brush and nail clip. Luna still isn’t up to much walking due to her the damage to her paws and the fact that she is still very nervous of going outside, this was a great trip for her. Sam was so gentle with Luna and understood her nerves particularly with loud noises. She took things really slowly, encouraging Luna with tasty treats. Sam even got Luna used to the sound of the drier whilst she was loose and then put earmuff on her when she was getting her blowdry.

Even though I wasn’t able to be in the room, I was able to watch through the large windows/doors and I could tell that Luna felt relaxed with Sam. By the end of it, not only did Luna look and smell great, but she had a bounce in her step. I’m quite sure she enjoyed the experience and felt very special.


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