Salisbury BID Join In Asking For People Friendly Salisbury Re-Think

Salisbury BID has joined the growing number of voices locally calling for the People Friendly Salisbury scheme to be suspended.

They have surveyed local businesses receiving responses from 75 from within the city centre. This has allowed the BID Board to update is position on the People Friendly Salisbury Scheme.

In the survey, 71% of respondents ask the BID to ask Wiltshire Council to lift the scheme until the New Year.

One of the BIDs functions is to be the voice for city centre businesses, it is therefore representing its members in writing to Wiltshire Council asking for the temporary suspension of the scheme.

Salisbury BID, in the statement on its website, went on to reiterate it’s support for the longer-term ambitions of the project, however, there are many pressing challenges facing business at this time and we need to all we can to enable a positive trading environment in the run-up to Christmas.

Salisbury MP, John Glen has also called from the scheme to be suspended in a letter to Wiltshire Council.


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