Renewed Calls for Salisbury Bypass

There are renewed calls from many in Salisbury for a bypass to be built, to help through traffic avoid Salisbury altogether.

Salisbury has had traffic problems for many years and is often a talking point for locals. The ring road often struggles with heavy traffic and there are many ‘rat runs’ used by locals to avoid using the ring road altogether, often causing queues on residential and city-centre streets not designed for a large amount of traffic.

The traffic issues around Salisbury have come to the forefront of people’s minds again recently and following the recent announcement of the indefinite suspension of the People-Friendly Salisbury project, people are calling for a wider solution to Salisbury’s traffic issues.

Councillor Mark McClelland is now leading the calls for a bypass to be built to help alleviate traffic building up in and around Salisbury and has already received support from the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce amongst others.

A bypass has been talked about before for Salisbury with suggestions and routes being proposed. These will all need to be rethought and news plans drawn up if the project was to go ahead.

If you agree that a bypass is part of the solution to Salisbury’s future, you can sign it here – 

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