New Canned Drink Subscription Service Launches From Wilton

A new premium canned alcohol discovery club has launched from Wilton. Canned Club is the brainchild of husband and wife team Emily and Elliot Pepper.

They struck upon the idea earlier this year, they discovered that some of the best new alcoholic drinks were being canned. Lovers of new discoveries, not only did they find some pretty damn tasty drinks, but they also discovered the many benefits of drinks in a can.

There are many benefits to the drink being in a can, Emily explains:

Endlessly recyclable, portable, ready-to-drink, no bottle opener required, perfectly portioned, cools the drink quicker, lightweight for more sustainable transportation, we could go on. We were quick to learn that putting more types of drinks in a can was a no brainer and were keen to spread the word.

Whilst on our voyage of discovery, we found it was easy to get hold of brilliant quality and small-batch canned beers, but not so easy to do the same when it came to canned wine, canned cocktails and hard seltzers.

And so, the mission was born, to help drink lovers discover and enjoy new canned drinks, whilst supporting a community of amazing small businesses, UK startups and passionate producers.

As well as the discovery club, Canned Club also offers one-time gift boxes and Christmas gifts. –