Wiltshire Placed in to Tier 2 When Lockdown Ends

Salisbury and the rest of Wiltshire have been placed into Tier 2 of the new system that replaces this period of lockdown from Wednesday 2nd of December.

The tier decisions have been based on a number of factors including the number of cases currently in the area. Wiltshire in the week preceding 21st November had 120 cases per 100,000 people.

Daily cases in the county seem to be following the national trend and decreasing as we approach the end of this period of lockdown.

A basic set of rules apply across all tiers, everyone:

  • must wear a face-covering in most indoor public settings, unless they have an exemption
  • should follow the rules on meeting others safely
  • should attend school or college as normal, unless they are self-isolating. Schools, universities, colleges and early years settings remain open in all tiers
  • should walk or cycle where possible, plan ahead and avoid busy times and routes when travelling
  • must follow the gathering limits at their tier except for in specific settings and circumstances. These exemptions are detailed at the end of this guidance

In addition to this in Tier 2, the following rules apply:

Tier 2

  • No household mixing indoors
  • Rule of six applies outdoors
  • Pubs & Restaurants to shut at 11 pm
  • Alcohol can only be served as part of a substantial meal
  • Spectators allowed at sports events and live performances (limited numbers, reduced compared to Tier 1)
  • Personal Care including hairdressing allowed

There will be regular reviews by the government on which tiers areas should be in, tier allocations will be reviewed for the first time by 16 December, allowing for “the possibility of areas which continue to make progress in slowing the spread of the disease” to be moved down a tier before Christmas, the government said.

Decisions on tiers are based on public health recommendations informed by the following factors:

  • Case detection rate – in all age groups and, in particular, the over-60s
  • How quickly case rates are rising or falling
  • Positivity in the general population
  • Pressure on the NHS – including current and projected NHS capacity
  • Local context and exceptional circumstances, such as a local but contained outbreak

An area could be moved up a tier if these indicators are not improving, and likewise down to a lower one if they improve.

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has urged people to follow the rules so ‘together we can get out of these tough measures’.

Wiltshire Council is holding a live Covid Update in December. Information can be found here – https://lovesalisbury.co.uk/2020/11/26/wiltshire-council-to-broadcast-second-covid-update/

These rules will be relaxed, allowing 3 household bubbles to be formed over the Christmas period from 23rd to the 27th of December.

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