Salisbury Cathedral Launch Virtual Tour with Alexander Armstrong

Salisbury Cathedral has teamed up with Pointless presenter for former chorister Alexander Armstrong and has produced a virtual Chorister Tour.

Alexander and some of the choristers will take you around the Cathedral where you’ll learn about the choirs’ strange traditions and discover lots about the history of the cathedral.

The tour is a virtual reality experience best viewed on a computer or a laptop and uses 360-degree images combined with video and animations.

Aimed at children in Years 3 and 4, there humour in there and lots of interesting facts too.

Armstrong is well known to adults for his sketch show with Ben Miller as well as presenting quiz show Pointless but is equally well known to children as the voice of Dangermouse and Hey Duggee.

The tour replaces the usual chorister recruitment day that has been cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

They hope to set a recruitment day for their next choir open day, but in the meantime, you can receive more information on the Cathedrals website –

The Director of Music, David Halls, would be delighted to hear any child in years 2, 3 or 4 for a pre-audition using Zoom. During this pre-audition, your child will be asked to sing a short song which can be a hymn, a carol or a similar sort of song, followed by some ear tests. This is a useful and non-obligatory way to see whether your child could be a chorister and to ask about the opportunities available to children who are interested in choristerships.

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