Ex-Highbury Secondary Modern Pupils Reunite Virtually

Former pupils of the old Highbury Secondary Modern school on Highbury Avenue have formed a Facebook group to reunite and reminisce about their time at the school.

The school which sat on the site at Fisherton Anger was first opened in 1924 until becoming Fisherton Middle School in 1972 when there was a reorganisation of schools in Salisbury.

The school was also the first non-denominational school in the city and at first, accepted both boys and girls until 1958 when it became a boys-only school.

The group invite all former pupils of the Secondary Modern school to join and remember the school, teachers and maybe reignite old friendships and bonds.

Group organisers also hope to hold reunions when restrictions permit.

To join the group on Facebook follow the link – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1529239217284554

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