S6C Collect Through Reverse Advent Calendar

Salisbury 6th Form College has collected lots of donations through their advent calendar ahead of Christmas this year.

At the beginning of December S6C’s Pastoral Lead, Rebecca Anderson launched a reverse advent calendar at the College. Usually, advent calendars mean you take an item each day, with a reverse advent calendar, you give an item. Throughout December students and staff have donated unopened food basics, food treats, toiletries, Christmas decorations or novelties, small gifts, seasonal food items, sanitary products, pet food, pet treats and other items that could be spared or bought and donated.

Pastoral Lead, Rebecca Anderson says “Acts of kindness help our own mental health as well as helping those around us, so it’s a win-win project!”

Donations have been placed in a box at S6C Reception and will be shared out across food banks and homeless projects in the local area at the end of term.

Vice-Principal, Louise Henderson, says “This year, we are facing a very different Christmas. Covid might deny some of us the family feasts of years past, but it won’t stop us spreading comfort and joy in the Salisbury community with our reverse advent calendar.  Covid-19 has put record numbers of families at risk of going hungry and we recognise the importance of service to our community and some festive cheer – to those in need.”

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