COVID-19 On The Rise In South Wiltshire

The number of people testing positive and needing hospital care for Coronavirus around South Wiltshire is on the rise.

Salisbury District Hospital yesterday (28th December) reported that there were 44 patients on-site who have tested positive for COVID-19, this is as many as during the first peak of the pandemic.

This leaves the hospital and its staff under intense pressure.

Meanwhile, the number of people testing positive across the area is up compared to last week with some areas seeing large percentage increases.

The next review of Coronavirus tier restrictions is to take place tomorrow (30th December) and it looks increasingly unlikely that Wiltshire will remain in Tier 2.

Wiltshire remained in Tier 2 at the last review stage with most surrounding areas moving to Tiers 3 and 4 following increases in cases. The new strain of the virus, which is more transmissible, continues to spread and along with the colder weather helping numbers rise at a faster rate.

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