More Vaccinations Sites Open Up Locally

In addition, the vaccination site in Wilton at the Michael Herbert Hall that opened yesterday, more vaccination sites are opening up in the local area.

Tidworth Leisure Centre opened its doors today and began its vaccination programme, this is in addition to other local sites including Trowbridge and Calne.

Among the first people to get vaccinated today at Tidworth Leisure Centre was Barbara Francis, 88, who said afterwards: “I couldn’t sleep last night because I was overthinking it, but now I feel great and can’t wait until my daughter gets it”.

Barbara Francis, 88, receives her vaccination. Photo: Monaya Abel

Elaine Winifred Sainsbury, 82, also getting the jab, said: “I feel fine, it didn’t hurt!”

And Margery Adey, from Shipton Bellinger 90 added: “It’s really important to get the vaccine, I would tell everyone not to be silly and just to get on and get it when its offered.”

Margery Adey, 90, from Shipton Bellinger. Photo: Monaya Abel

Mr and Mrs Lancefield from Ludgershall are pictured hitching a ride on one of the special buggies laid on to help people back to their cars (driven by George Lishman)

Mr and Mrs Lancefield in a golf buggy driven by George Lishman. Photo: Monaya Abel

Dr Toby Davies, GP at Castle Practice and Clinical Lead for Tidworth PCN Vaccination site said: “This is the day we have all been waiting for.  It is fantastic to see so many people getting vaccinated.  This has been a huge logistical effort and the whole team have been brilliant.”

There will be 20 venues in total across Wiltshire, Swindon, Bath and North East Somerset once the vaccination sites are all up and running. These are in addition to the vaccinations being delivered by hospitals.

People expecting to receive a vaccine appointment letter are asked not to contact their local GP practice or hospital, and instead wait to be contacted by the NHS, which is allocating appointments based on the number of available vaccines.

Vaccinations are being given to those in priority order as determined by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.

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