Personal Trainer Offering Free Live Training Sessions In Support of Alabare

Emma Powell, a personal trainer and fitness instructor based in Salisbury is offering free personal training sessions via Facebook to raise funds for Alabare.

The sessions are free, but Emma is asking those who are able, to make a donation to Alabare in return for the sessions.

During the first lockdown back in March 2020, Emma began offering free live workouts as a way to support others during lockdown. She was then approached by Alabare to take part in the 2.6 challenge and raise money for them.

Alabare is a cause close to Emma’s families heart. Her eldest daughter, Jess, attends two of their day centres and they offer a huge amount of support to the family.

During that challenge, Emma and her daughter Jess completed 26 workouts that were 26 minutes long over a 3 day period raising almost £900 in the process.

As England’s latest national lockdown was announced Emma decided it was time to offer workout sessions again.  She says:

This time around we decided we would like to fundraise right from the start … times are financially hard for everyone so we don’t want to restrict workouts, people are under lots of pressure and being a PT I understand the mental & physically benefits which is so important to me, but if we can raise money for a wonderful charity that means so much to us and many other families at the same time then that would be great!

The workouts are accessible for all fitness levels and happen on Emma’s Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Facebook Page 7 days a week –

All the sessions require no specialist equipment and allow you to utilise things around the home. Emma posts the sort of thing you might need during the workout ahead of time.

To make the workouts more lively, Dan Haynes from the Subgiant have allowed Emma to use their music free of charge, allowing them to have the music playout over the Facebook live stream.

Please head over to the page and join in the workouts and if you are able, please make a donation too. You can donate via this link –

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