Single Bid to Run Salisbury DAB Transmitter

Ofcom, the communications regulator, received only one application to run the new DAB multiplex and transmitter in Salisbury.

The application comes from Muxcast One, a joint application from Nation Broadcasting and British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS).  Nation Broadcasting is the third largest commercial broadcaster in the country and already run DAB systems around the country.

In their proposal, they list 3 transmitter sites, the aim to provide comprehensive coverage of Salisbury and the surrounding area. The plan is to locate these at Bulford Camp, to cover the north, Sandy Balls to cover the south and a Salisbury based transmitter to cover the city centre and the main of the population.

Proposed Coverage Map and Transmitter Locations (Source: Ofcom Website)

There are a good number of service listed as wanting to join the service including Greatest Hits Radio Salisbury, Nation Radio and BFBS has a number of services listed.

There is also space for community broadcasters with Odstock Radio, the volunteer-run hospital radio service for Salisbury District Hospital, listed to take on of the community slots available.

Salisbury Radio, the service currently online only, is also on the list. Salisbury Radio is owned by Jason Bryant (majority shareholder of Nation Broadcasting), David Harber of Andover Radio, Chris Carnegy (the founder of Spire FM) and Ian Axton (ITV and formerly Spire FM).

The service is set to launch this year and will finally provide Salisbury with reliable DAB coverage for commercial stations.

The full list of stations proposed to run on the service is:

Proposed services listed in Muxcast One application. (Source Ofcom website)



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