A Love Letter to Salisbury

Dear Salisbury,

You are the place that I was born and grew up, my family have a longstanding history of being Sarumites.

I have at times grown tired of you, resented you and even moved away.

When I have lived elsewhere, I have felt and seen first hand the passion that people have for their home towns and cities. They talk about them as though they are part of the family and I have felt jealousy of this. Why do I not feel like that about you? It took me some time to realise that the problem lay with me and not you. Maybe it’s easier to see these things as an outsider looking in, fresh eyes and an eagerness to explore.

Now I am home, I see you with fresh eyes, almost like a visitor, but with memories of a fantastic childhood playing in the green spaces and walking or riding my bike in the nearby countryside.

It’s not uncommon for us to take for granted that with which we are familiar. Pointing out the problems whilst offering no solutions to the issues that we find.

Salisbury, you have your faults, but you also have many great parts, places and things.

Sometimes we are distracted by the obvious beauty and majesty of the spire and caught in the shadow that it can cast across our city.

Your design has quirks that are frustrating in a modern world and in lots of ways, you are an expensive place to live.

We have been through a lot in the last few years. International recognition has been received for all the wrong reasons, not of our own doing, but out of these struggles I believe we can come back stronger and a more vibrant community.

You have so much potential. There is space for culture to shine brightly, you can be a place for creatives to express themselves and for businesses to thrive, but we your residents need to play our part in that too.

We need to step up and fully utilise everything that you have to offer, look for the positives and find solutions in collaborative ways. For too long people with great ideas have had to fight to get these heard, or felt they need to battle alone to see them come to fruition.

Aside from the cathedral, we have other beautiful buildings, spaces where we can be calm and reflect. We have interesting shops, beautiful walks by our rivers and a farm shop that sells probably the best cake in the land.

It’s time for a revolution – a positive revolution where we are once again proud to say that we live in Salisbury, boast of the things that happen here and leave our friends, who live elsewhere, envious of what we have. As we emerge from this pandemic, it is time for Salisbury to shine once more.

I have a new found love for you Salisbury, I am a part of your family and I want to embrace your bright future.



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