What Could You Give Up For 40 Days for Salisbury Hospice Charity?

Has Lockdown let in some bad habits? Could you give them up for 40 days for Salisbury Hospice?

Join Salisbury Hospice Charity’s 40 Day ‘Give It Up’ Challenge, launching Lent. The concept is simple – give it up, whatever it is, for 40 days during Lent. The challenge is being able to stick to it!

This Challenge is personal. It is something you want to give up for the better. Whether it is binge-watching Netflix, snacking, overworking, using single-use plastic, smoking or drinking the choices are endless and entirely yours to make.

Abi Blake, Events Fundraiser

“This year marks Salisbury Hospice’s 40th Anniversary. Each day of the ‘40 day challenge’ represents a year that Salisbury Hospice has delivered outstanding care to its patients their families and carers.

By joining the challenge, fundraisers will not only be helping themselves but will be directly supporting members of our community living with a life-limiting illness right now.”

This is a tough challenge. To support you the charity has set up a Facebook group to bring fundraisers together virtually to share their journey, have fun and support one another.

Abi added, “We have been overwhelmed with the response, with nearly 100 people joining the group within just a couple of days. It is wonderful to see so many people coming together to give something up for the Hospice” 

The charity is asking those who take up the challenge to fundraise or pledge £40. That is only £1 a day! And every £40 raised could fund a one-hour aromatherapy massage for our patients.

If you would like to take part in the 40 Day ‘Give It Up’ Challenge, join the Facebook group, share your challenge and away you go.

For more information, please contact Abi Blake, Events Fundraiser.


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