Closure Order on Salisbury Residents’ Car Park to Prevent Antisocial Behaviour

Wiltshire Council has issued a closure order on a car park at Cherry Close, Salisbury, to prevent antisocial behaviour in the area.

The car park was being used as a garage to buy, sell and fix cars by a group of men who did not live in the area, causing disruption and making local residents feel intimidated by their presence, late into the night and in breach of COVID restrictions.

The order, which has been officially issued by Salisbury Magistrates Court, prevents anyone except authorised residents from entering the car park. Anyone who is not permitted to enter the designated area would be committing a criminal offence by doing so.

Cllr Richard Clewer, Cabinet Member for Housing, said:

“Where we can, we will use the powers available to us to take action to protect our communities from antisocial behaviour, and this closure order is a great example.

“This area of Salisbury is home to both council and private residents, who were all affected by this antisocial and intimidating behaviour, so we’re pleased that they can now enjoy some peace and quiet and can use their car park without fear.

“People who are permitted to use the car park have been issued with a letter of authority to use the area and may be asked to present this to police officers, who are patrolling the area. Anyone else who enters the area without authorisation will be committing a criminal offence and may be arrested.

“Our officers have already had feedback from local residents to say how this closure order has had a hugely positive impact on their lives, and it’s great that our dedicated teams can make a positive difference in this way.”

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