Parish Council Vote to Object to Laverstock Development Proposals

At their monthly meeting last night, Laverstock and Ford Parish Council voted without opposition to object to plans to build up to 135 houses on Church Road in Laverstock and has compiled a 13 point list of concerns which will be submitted to Wiltshire Council to support their decision.

These concerns include the fact that this location was excluded from consideration in the Wiltshire Local Plan as it was contrary to Core Policies aimed at preserving small villages from overdevelopment, the sensitivity of the landscape and impact on traffic on an already congested road. Full details of these concerns can be found on the Laverstock and Ford Parish Council website at

Councillor Nick Baker, Chair of Laverstock and Ford Parish Council said

“The Parish Council’s objections reflect the very strong opposition to this development at the public meeting attended by over 110 people and from across our community last week. The developer’s presentation reinforced my personal feeling that they are trying to build the maximum number of houses at the minimum possible quality in a totally unsuitable location.

I was disappointed by their lack of prior engagement with the local community and the way this proposal is contrary to several democratically agreed core policies. It was clear that very little research has been done into the traffic impact of creating so many houses and a fifty space car park on this already highly congested road and despite branding this a sustainable development, the scheme’s financial viability appears based on meeting the minimum environmental standards and making no attempt to achieve carbon neutrality. We are urging Wiltshire Council to reject this application.”

At the public meeting with developers last week, several residents also expressed concerns about the engagement of the digitally isolated and asked Wiltshire Council to consider delaying consideration of the application by the Planning Committee to better allow time to include those who do not have access to online technology.

The consultation closes on 4th March and comments can be submitted on the Wiltshire Council website, where the Planning Application, Plans and Surveys are available to view at,918316

You can also post your comments to – Spatial Planning, Economic Development and Planning, Wiltshire Council, County Hall, Trowbridge, BA14 8JQ. Contact Spatial Planning Officers on 0300 456 0100 for help with copies of planning documents.


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