Conservatives Lose Salisbury City Council Majority

There have been a good number of changes and the formation and makeup of Salisbury City Council after Thursday’s elections as the Conservatives lose their majority.

Previously, the Conservative party held a strong majority having 15 of the 23 councillors.

There are 24 Councillors elected to the Salisbury City parish council this time around.

The Lib Dems join Labour in having husband and wife pairings on the council in Sam and Victoria Charleston being elected in St Pauls with Caroline and Tom Corbin in Bemerton Heath.

Annie Riddle, the former journalist and one of the main protagonists of the SOS: Save Our Salisbury Facebook group who opposed the People-Friendly Salisbury and bicycle lane schemes wins a seat in Harnham West as an Independent councillor. She said via Twitter;

Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I am looking forward to representing West Harnham on the city council and will do my best to make Wiltshire take notice of our community.

The following councillors were elected in each ward:

Bemerton Heath

  • Tom Corbin (Labour)
  • Caroline Corbin (Labour)
  • Ed Rimmer (Conservative)

Fisherton & Bemerton Village

  • Ricky Rogers (Labour)
  • Jenny Bolwell (Labour)
  • Jeremy Nettle (Conservative)

Harnham East

  • Sven Hocking (Conservative)
  • Ian Tomes (Labour)
  • Jo Broom (Conservative)

Harnham West

  • Annie Riddle (Independent)
  • Brian Dalton (Lib Dem)
  • Paul Cunningham (Conservative)


  • Alan Bayliss (Lib Dem)
  • Jo King (Conservative)
  • Charles McGrath (Conservative)

St Edmunds

  • Chris Stanway (Lib Dem)
  • Atiqul Hoque (Conservative)
  • Paul Sample (Lib Dem)

St Francis & Stratford

  • Cliona Hibbert (Conservative)
  • Mark Mewse (Conservative)
  • John Wells (Labour)

St Pauls

  • Sam Charleston (Lib Dem)
  • Vitoria Charleston (Lib Dem)
  • Mary Webb (Conservative)


The political makeup of the council looks like this

  • Conservatives – 11 councillors
  • Labour – 6
  • Liberal Democrats – 6
  • Independents – 1

The Conservatives hold the largest number of votes on the council, they don’t however, enjoy an overall majority which may make local politics a little more interesting for the next few years.

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