New Leader and Chairman of Wiltshire Council Elected

The first full council meeting of the newly elected Wiltshire Council has been held today.

The meeting was primarily to elect people to the positions of chair, vice-chair and council leader.

Also being selected were the chairs and vice-chairs of the local Area Boards.

The meeting was opened by outgoing Chair, Richard Gamble. His only duty was to carry out the selection of the new chair.

The result was as follows:

Wiltshire Council Chair – Cllr Stuart Wheeler (Pewsey Vale East – Conservative)

Cllr Wheeler then resumed the meeting after a short handing over ceremony, Cllr Wheeler first presided over the unopposed election of Cllr James Sheppard (Aldbourne & Ramsbury – Conservative) as Vice-chair of the Council.

Possibly the most anticipated part of the meeting was to appoint a new leader of the councillor. Cllr Philip Whitehead announced his decision to step down from the position ahead of the elections on Thursday 6th May.

Cllr Richard Clewer the Conservative Councillor of Downton and Ebble Valley ward was quick to throw his hat into the ring and announced his intention to stand for the position of leader of Wiltshire Council.

Wiltshire Council Leader – Cllr Richard Clewer

Cllr Richard Clewer was nominated and elected unopposed to the position.


Cllr Clewer then announced his cabinet:

  • Deputy Leader – Cllr Laura Mayes
  • Cllr Nick Botterill
  • Cllr Pauline Church
  • Cllr Mark McClelland
  • Cllr Jane Davies
  • Cllr Phil Alford
  • Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling
  • Cllr Simon Jacobs

During his opening address, he made clear that one of his priorities are that of Wiltshire’s High Streets following the impact of the pandemic. He also reaffirmed his commitment to the work on climate change and the local plan.

Also announced were the chairs and vice-chairs of local Area Boards for the next year:

Salisbury Area Board

  • Chair – Cllr Brian Dalton
  • Vice-chair – Cllr Sven Hocking
  • Cllr Caroline Corbin
  • Cllr Ricky Rogers
  • Cllr Charles McGrath
  • Cllr Paul Sample
  • Cllr Mark McClelland
  • Cllr Mary Webb

Southern Wiltshire Area Board

  • Chair – Cllr Richard Britton
  • Vice-chair – Cllr Andrew Oliver
  • Cllr Richard Clewer
  • Cllr Ian McLennan
  • Cllr Zoe Clewer
  • Cllr Rich Rogers

South West Area Board

  • Chair – Cllr Bridget Wayman
  • Vice-chair – Cllr Nabil Najjar
  • Cllr George Jeans
  • Cllr Nick Errington
  • Cllr Pauline Church

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