Salisbury Pantry Looking for Volunteer Drivers

An opportunity to make a difference to your local community, to work alongside the Salisbury City Council Communities Team, to build a sustainable social supermarket for the City.

Your Salisbury Pantry is a social supermarket located at 59 Catherine Street and has been operating since 20 April 2021. Organised by Salisbury City Council’s Communities Team, the pantry is part of a Church Action on Poverty franchise called ‘My Local Pantry’.

This friendly shop is a membership scheme for residents of Salisbury City who are on benefits or low incomes and who struggle to balance the challenging demands on their household income. We currently have 150 members, a number which is increasing week on week.

A social supermarket is a place for people to shop and choose food at a low cost, made possible by stocking donated and redistributed food. We are also a community resource where people can ask for advice and be signposted to other sources of support and our aim is for Your Salisbury Pantry to be a space where members can build connections, confidence, and sense of belonging in the community.

This has been a community project from the outset, and we already work with many volunteers and supporting organisations. Now we need a particular type of volunteer support to help us with one of our biggest challenges – collecting all of our food donations from local supermarkets and suppliers and moving it between our storage space and shop, so that we can continue to provide this valuable service for our members.

This is becoming a bigger challenge as the Communities Team start to reopen their other programmes and community centres across the city, as well as running this project.

We are looking for drivers who can see the value and need for a social supermarket and who can make short trips around the city area to help transport dried and tinned food from storage to the shop or to collect donations from our supporting supermarkets. Drivers will need access to their own vehicle and be covered by their own insurance, but will be able to claim fuel expenses for the journeys they do for us.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver for Your Salisbury Pantry, please get in touch with the Communities Team by emailing or alternatively calling us on 01722 417100.

If you want to find out more about Your Salisbury Pantry – go to

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