Salisbury Area Board Award Over £30,000 to Local Projects

Wiltshire Council’s Salisbury Area Board met for the first time since the elections last night to discuss key issues in the area and to consider grant applications made by community groups.

The area board saw fit to grant all but one organisation the full amount requested, with the remaining application receiving the large majority of their funding request.

See below a list of projects and the funds awarded.

Health and Wellbeing Fund

Dance Six-0 – £1,000.00

Project Summary: DANCE SIX-0 needs to provide a safe space for dance sessions – when permitted from 17th May – in a studio offering lower capacity classes so doubling teacher costs and also offer online class providing inclusive access catering for those who wish to attend live sessions as well as those who prefer online provision or are unable to attend in person. For everyone’s safety DANCE SIX-0 will put in place and adhere to social distancing and covid-safe guidelines. Additional teacher capacity is required to make space for distancing to achieve these increased cleaning costs and support to create dance specific Covid risk assessments. This project will enable 60 participants aged 60 to 86 to access and enjoy dance.

Silver Salisbury – £1,000.00

Project Summary: Silver Salisbury2021 is a programme of events between 18th September and 3rd October 2021, in celebration of International Older People’s Day. It aims to alleviate loneliness and isolation through opportunities to participate in a range of one-off events and free taster sessions of ongoing activities all of which include social engagement. Following the covid pandemic restrictions isolation and mental health issues have increased and with the lifting of restrictions, many older people are apprehensive of venturing out and resuming social activities. The programme planning will be informed by the findings of a consultation project funded by the Big Lottery Community fund which also includes beneficiaries in the planning process. The programme will address these through a mixture of on line and live events all conforming with covid regulations. Hard copies of the programme will be printed as older and vulnerable people are less likely to use IT and social media. The key contacts developed during lockdown will contribute to the programme’s wide distribution.

Community Grants

The Honeybee Project – £900.00

Project Summary: Our project is aimed at supporting young people from 13 to 19 and adults with mental health and physical disability’s the art of beekeeping. As a sufferer of PTSD myself from my service in the Army, beekeeping has helped me manage my PTSD and calms my mind. It has been proven that beekeeping helps you focus your mind and promotes mindfulness and is also great for the environment. There is no other project in Salisbury that aims at supporting young people from 13 to 19 with mental health related issues in this way. Since we made it public that we intended to set up this project we have been inundated with request from families of young people to join the project. We desperately need a large shed to enable the participants to get changed in, chill out if they get stressed due to their disability and make tea and coffee in.

Rise 61 – £5,000.00

Project Summary: We have aided our local resident’s association to secure funding for a brand new log cabin in our community garden. This will enable us to deliver innovative new creative and social sessions for young people on Bemerton Heath as well as being an exciting space for other community groups to use for free.

Pantry Partnership – £2,342.00

Project Summary: We operate from Pantry in the Park, the former bowls club in Victoria Park, Salisbury. We have refurbished this property at our own expense and through fundraising activities. We collect surplus food and make it into meals to be shared across the community. In the last 6 months, we have collected c8 tonnes of food, delivered 7 tonnes to peoples doors and made and delivered over 2500 meals – all sent across Salisbury to people most in need at this time. However, this has not been without its challenges. In terms of storage, we have been taking in and processing more surplus as well as storing more food and subsequently sending out more surplus food across the community. Our tables have started to feel the strain and we are needing to be more creative with our space by both freezing more at acceptance point and properly fitting out cupboards with shelves as well as having tables that hold heavier weights and can be configured more effectively. In terms of cooking, our cooker, whilst modern, is also only sufficient to deal with domestic quantities of food and the process has been very slow and laborious, meaning that volunteers have to spend significantly extra time waiting by the hob/oven for things to cook, sometimes even meaning having to use portable hobs to cope. The electric supply (amperage) needs to be upgraded to allow us to connect a catering oven to deal effectively with the quantities that we need to now cook. We need a new hob/oven to connect to this upgraded electrical supply. As we are sending out more meals now we need to do more labelling and make this process more efficient. We have also developed some areas of damp meaning that lining paper on the walls needs to be put up again and an area of damp on the ceiling needs to be treated and repainted, this is due to being closed up much of the time during lockdown when we weren’t sending food out, especially when there were restrictions on accessing parks.

Buzz Action Foundation – £5,000.00

Project Summary: We are offering people with a very wide range of disabilities the opportunity to engage in aerial arts and other activities using a professional 5m rig with harnesses, slings, pulleys, fall-arrest systems and appropriate safety mattress. This will be available to all young people who want to engage in our activities and allow them to try out and train on a wide variety of specialist aerial equipment. We are purchasing some LED circus equipment so that youngsters can practice and perform Glow and Flow Arts at our outreach events and parks sessions. In trials, these have proved very popular with all ages and ability levels. We are purchasing Fire Arts equipment and accompanying safety articles to enable further progression for those who develop skill, dexterity and show the necessary level of commitment and responsibility. This will encourage more engagement from harder-to-reach young people who are drawn towards the cool element of this art. We are also purchasing a robust mobile Changing Room so that disabled people can prepare and dress with privacy at our activities. All of these elements are being offered as we adapt our practice to put on full provision of activities in the safest way possible whilst transmission of Coronavirus continues to be a risk. We will train staff to operate this equipment so it can be used at Youth Clubs, community events and our Outreach Roadshows, and we are asking for help with the capital element of this project.

St Marks Pre-School – £5,000.00

Project Summary: There is an urgent need to replace dangerous and deteriorating outdoor play equipment at our local community pre-school with new, safe and fit-for-purpose play equipment and we are seeking some financial support in making this happen. The pre-school setting is built around an outside space that is dominated by a large felled tree trunk which the children can climb on and explore. However, this has recently been condemned due to the deteriorating structural integrity of the log itself and the surrounding floor material, making it dangerous for the children to use. We would like to procure a new installation of play equipment that is safe, age-appropriate and will provide a space for the children to develop physically and socially with their classmates.

This is Salisbury Music Event – £2,292.00

Project Summary: “This is Salisbury” is a live music event which is due to take place at the Market Square on Sunday 25th July 2021 between 12:30 pm and 6:30 pm. The event is focused on young musicians in Salisbury who will perform a variety of musical talents, and there will be a mix of solo artists and bands performing. We currently estimate an audience of around 200 people. We are anticipating food vendors to attend.

Youth Funding

Rise 61 – £5,000.00

Project Summary: We are looking to launch some brand new sessions on Bemerton Heath to engage young people in an active lifestyle as a response to increasing mental ill-health and as a way of rebuilding community spirit in light of the pandemic.

Project Spark – £5,000.00

A youth community project aimed at 13-19-year-olds offering media production project workshops. There will be 6 different skill workshops being run over the academic year during school term time. All workshop projects will assume no knowledge and teach the skills and knowledge from the ground up so all members of the group are able to perform a number of roles within the production.

The area board have a combined pot of over £68,000 to award over the coming year. If you have a community project that needs financial support, contact Marc Read, Salisbury’s Community Engagement Manager or visit the area board website for more information –

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