100,000 COVID-19 jabs given at Salisbury City Hall Vaccination Centre as the NHS celebrates its 73rd birthday

Yesterday as Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust celebrated the NHS 73rd Birthday and passing 100,000 COVID-19 vaccinations given at the City Hall Vaccination Centre.

CEO Stacey Hunter at the Vaccination Centre cutting our NHS 73rd Birthday cake.

Fiona Hyett, Vaccination Centre Director said:

“We are incredibly proud of the team that have delivered the vaccine programme, the brilliant staff and the dedicated volunteers, it’s been an incredible experience for everyone involved.

The programme has shown the NHS at its best, with dedicated staff working tirelessly alongside the community to deliver a life-saving programme.

I would like to thank the people that have come forward in their thousands to receive the lifesaving vaccine.  It has been a privilege to witness the joy and relief expressed by people as they receive their jab.

The success of the programme has offered hope to everyone and shown that together we can save lives and begin to return to normal.

The virus has not gone away and I urge everyone to book an appointment, to have both doses of the vaccine and get themselves fully protected, please don’t hesitate”.

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