Salisbury Area Board Decline to Support Grosvenor House Proposals

Salisbury based Wiltshire Councillors have voted unanimously not to support proposals from the Rise Rosound Rebuild (R3) Community Interest Company for the redevelopment of Grosvenor and Riverside House.

Pete Rushforth from R3 spoke at the meeting to describe the proposals which included creating a market garden, restaurant, creche and a place for young people to learn new skills and develop themselves and the group presented a detailed business case for their plans.

However, three local residents spoke in opposition to the plans before Councillor Paul Sample of the Liberal Democrats, whose ward the buildings are situated within, moved the motion not to support the proposals. 7 councillors voted for that motion, with area board chair Cllr Brian Dalton (Lib Dem) not being required to vote.

When the proposal was put to a vote, all councillors voted not to support the plans with concerns over the viability of the proposal and with the knowledge that the commercial buyer of the properties and land is still waiting to purchase the properties.

This means that the process started by the community interest company in having the property listed as an asset of community value now changes course.

Wiltshire Council will now issue a notice of disposal for the property and a moratorium period will begin. This will give the community group 6 weeks to lodge a bid to purchase the property and then a further 6 months to raise the funds if they do indeed lodge a bid.

Pete Rushforth from R3 said: “This is just the first stage for us. We will now go away and work on raising the funds to put together a commercial bid to purchase the properties. There is still lots of work to be done, but we are determined to return the building to use for the benefit of the community.”


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