Kids Can Get Creative at The Harnham Bunker

The Harnham Bunker in Salisbury is now open once again following delays due to Covid and offering a range of creative opportunities for young people in Southern Wiltshire.

The former communications bunker is now offering workshops in coding, creative media and music and is supported by staff and volunteers with a huge amount of industry and teaching experience.

Parent’s and Guardians can now sign kids up for a range of weekend and after-school projects for them to start after half-term.

Jez Whitworth from First Coding is bringing his popular coding workshops to The Bunker on a Saturday morning. In the sessions, young people can develop their ‘python’ skills and develop their own interactive text-based games.

Young people who are interested in creating audio and visual content can join Andy and Aimee to create all sorts of creative media content and make use of the large number of cameras, microphones and other equipment based at the bunker. Think YouTube, TikTok, Animation and Podcasting – you name it, we can help you make it.

Music has always been connected with The Bunker since its refurbishment and nothing has changed – from one-to-one lessons, vocal coaching or group sessions, Alex and Naomi have all the experience necessary to help young people start or develop their musical journey.

On top of all of this, there is also a Friday Creative Youth Club, this is an informal session for the young creative people of Salisbury to hang out, have a good time and maybe collaborate on a project together.

Andy Munns, Director said: ‘We have such a great reaction to the facilities that we have installed at The Bunker. It was already a cool building, but we have added a huge amount of equipment from our fully equipped studios to our gaming and chillout area. We hope that local young people come down, learn some new things but most importantly have a lot of fun.’

In addition, the team at The Bunker are also building relationships with local school and already working with several schools to offer sessions with pupils.

Alex Mobaraki said: ‘Working with schools is an integral part of our plan, the more young people we can work with, be creative with and teach new skills, the better!’

Schools who are interested in creating bespoke sessions and workshops for their pupils from year 6 upwards are encouraged to get in touch with the team via the website or by calling.

The Underground Studios are a not-for-profit organisation so all sessions are reasonably priced and are delighted to say that they can also now offer financial support to families who may need it.

Check out their website for all the information –

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